Discrimination in the workplace

Employment Discrimination

Discrimination in the hiring, firing, or the terms and conditions of employment may be illegal if it is based on:

Age (over 40)
Disability including use of service animal
Race or color
National Origin
Marital Status
Sexual Orientation
Honorably Discharged Veteran or Military Status

The employment discrimination in the workplace laws apply to many employers. Both the federal and state governments have set up agencies to investigate and try and resolve charges of employment discrimination. The federal agency is known as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or EEOC.

Any charge of employment discrimination under federal law must first be brought to the EEOC or its state counterpart, the Washington State Human Rights Commission. Generally, a charge of employment discrimination must be brought within a short time after the act of employment discrimination. After the agency has had the opportunity to investigate or resolve the charge of employment discrimination, a lawsuit may then be filed.

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