Equal pay for women in Washington state

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Equally qualified women are entitled to equal pay for equal work. Employers are required by federal and state laws to non discriminate against an employee based on gender. Many employers simply do not follow the law and discriminate against women. This is not only wrong but illegal. If you are a victim of wage discrimination give us a call to discuss your case.



The following is the Washington wage discrimination statute allowing women to file suit for unequal pay based on sex.

Wage discrimination due to sex prohibited — Penalty — Civil recovery.

Any employer in this state, employing both males and females, who shall discriminate in any way in the payment of wages as between sexes or who shall pay any female a less wage, be it time or piece work, or salary, than is being paid to males similarly employed, or in any employment formerly performed by males, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. If any female employee shall receive less compensation because of being discriminated against on account of her sex, and in violation of this section, she shall be entitled to recover in a civil action the full amount of compensation that she would have received had she not been discriminated against. In such action, however, the employer shall be credited with any compensation which has been paid to her upon account. A differential in wages between employees based in good faith on a factor or factors other than sex shall not constitute discrimination within the meaning of RCW 49.12.010 through 49.12.180.

[1943 c 254 § 1; Rem. Supp. 1943 § 7636-1. Formerly RCW 49.12.210.]

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