Animal Law

The partners at Allen & Mead PLLC are committed animal activists.

Laura Allen is the founder and executive director of Animal Law Coalition. It is the mission of Animal Law Coalition to advocate for animals to live and live free of cruelty and neglect. Animal Law Coalition works to bring the latest animal legal news to attorneys, law students, animal welfare advocates and the public. It is our goal to get the public involved to help stop animal cruelty.

The fight to improve animal welfare is taking place in Congress, state legislatures and local governments as well as federal, state and municipal courtrooms. Animal Law Coalition drafts legislation, conducts lobbying, and participates in administrative agency actions to stop animal cruelty and advance animal welfare.

Laura is on the board of directors of American Horse Rescue Network, a nonprofit that raises funds for horse rescue. She is a founding member and former director of Equine Welfare Alliance which advocates against horse slaughter for human consumption.

Russ Mead is a part time law professor in the field of animal law. He wrote the legal textbook, “Nonprofit Animal Law”. He has lobbied to pass animal welfare legislation throughout the country. When hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2005, Russ was in the field rescuing animals from the disaster. Those efforts are described in the book “Not Left Behind”. Russ has also worked on many large scale animal hoarding cases. He is a frequent speaker at animal law conferences. He has presented, lectured, or judged moot court competitions at Lewis & Clark Law School, University of Washington Law School, Seattle University, Vanderbilt Law School, Vermont Law School, William Mitchell College of Law, UCLA School of Law, Cornell Law School, Northwestern University School of Law, and Harvard Law School.

Both Russ and Laura are on the board of directors of, a nonprofit to improve the image of dogs called pitbulls and end breed discrimination.

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