Whistle Blower

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Whistleblower Laws

Federal and state of Washington whistle blower laws offer protections to employees who “blow the whistle” on an employer’s fraudulent or illegal activities. Under these whistle blower laws an employer is barred from retaliating against an employee, including wrongful termination, for reporting such activities. An employee should talk to a lawyer to find out if the employee has a cause of action against an employer who retaliated against him or her for whistle blowing.

Also, under the federal False Claims Act, 31 U.S.C. Section 3729 et seq., and similar Washington laws, a whistle blower can under some circumstances have an attorney file an action against an employer for false or fraudulent claims made to the government. The whistle blower is then paid a percentage of any settlement or judgment in favor of the government. For example, an employer may have engaged in conduct that defrauded Medicare or Medicaid or some other government program. The lawyers for the whistle blower can then file a complaint to recover the amount the employer defrauded the government. The whistle blower with the help of private attorneys in effect assists the government in recovering the fraudulently obtained funds. The whistle blower is then entitled to a percentage of any recovery by the government from the employer.

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