Covenants Not To Compete

Covenants Not To Compete

Covenants not to compete or noncompete agreements are enforceable as long as they are limited in time and geographically. It is important to have an attorney draft these agreements. The key is whether the restrictions are reasonable.

Employers may want covenants not to compete with key employees to help prevent loss of clients or customers and preserve important relationships should the employee leave.

From the employee’s perspective, the best time to evaluate a covenant not to compete is before you sign one. Your lawyer can help you do this. Usually, reasonable terms can be negotiated by your attorney in these covenants not to compete that allow the employee to work and make a living after leaving the employer.

Allen & Mead covenant not to compete attorneys can evaluate existing covenants and offer advice on their enforceability.  A lawyer at Allen & Mead  can also represent you when you have a covenant not to compete dispute.

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